Akron Children’s Hospital for Accessible & Exceptional Healthcare

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Keeping little ones healthy is no small job. Even our tiniest of babies can give us a health care scare. Your child can benefit from having access to sick visits, routine checkups, immunizations, physicals, referrals for concerns, and monitoring milestones and developments while giving you peace of mind. From newborn to becoming an adult, the right pediatrician and health care team are essential for maintaining their health and taking preventative measures to help them thrive. That’s why finding the right team of professionals to help keep your family healthy requires consideration and digging. While some excellent pediatricians are available to care for your growing family, Akron Children’s Hospital makes accessing quality care convenient and easy. Additionally, the hospital is highly ranked, loved by the community, and worth looking into.  

mom looking over newborn baby boy in crib for photos

About Akron Children’s Hospital 

Starting their journey in healthcare in 1890, Akron Children’s Hospital pledged to care for every child. To this day, every staff member and medical professional works diligently to uphold that pledge. At Akron Children’s Hospital, their phrase is ‘for kids.’ That’s because everything they do and work towards is for kids. The facility is for the kids and their families, from research, equipment size, and the very design of their facilities. Ranked among the best children’s hospitals, they strive to make pediatric care more accessible for families by providing two hospitals and 50 urgent, primary, and specialty care locations for all your child’s health care needs. They work hard to give each patient individualized and comprehensive care so you leave feeling well cared for.


From Primary Care Physicians to unplanned, spur-of-the-moment incidents that require medical attention, Akron Children’s Hospital has your child covered. They provide exceptional care for infants, children, adolescents, young adults aged 0–21, and even some older adults. They offer various services to keep your family in good health at each location. 

  • Virtual Visits
  • Primary care options
  • Urgent Care 
  • Quick Care
  • Family Supports
  • Financial services 


Akron Children’s Hospital doesn’t just care for children who walk through their doors as patients. They do their best to keep the children in their community healthy beyond an exam room and office. The hospital posts videos for families to access health information and tips to keep their children healthy. They also have a calendar of events on their website so you can be up to date on gatherings, functions, and facility updates! They even have a section for donating so you can help the children in your community and more. 

Akron Children's Hospital for Accessible & Exceptional Healthcare
Akron Children's Hospital for Accessible & Exceptional Healthcare
Akron Children's Hospital for Accessible & Exceptional Healthcare

Akron Children’s Hospital

Akron Children’s Hospital stands by its phrase “for kids” daily. Children of all ages can receive top-quality care and treatment when they choose an Akron facility for care. Whether you’re expecting and on the hunt for a pediatrician or unhappy with your child’s current healthcare team and looking for a new one, please find your nearest Akron Children’s Hospital facility and check them out for yourselves. Excellent health and support for our little ones is always worth the search.

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