Build-a-Bear Strongsville Will Keep a Smile On Your Child’s Face!

Cute, fluffy, snuggly, adorable, did I mention cute… you will find all this and much more at Build-a-Bear in Strongsville, Ohio. Not only is Build-a-Bear so much fun for the kids, but I can guarantee you will also have a blast. It is such a fun activity whether for a special occasion, a mommy-and-me-date, or to celebrate a birthday party. Be sure to check them out today! 

one year old boy smashing cake for first birthday Build a Bear Strongsville Will Keep a Smile On Your Childs Face

About Build-a-Bear Strongsville

Since opening its doors in 1997, Build-a-Bear has been sharing smiles for 25 years. This fun store is a magical place where children and adults can create their own special snuggly friends with a step-by-step process. When you go to a Build-a-Bear Strongsville, there are over 200 choices you can pick from overall. Still, each store has unique offerings and seasonal choices, and limited edition stuffies that you can choose from. They have classic teddy bears, bunnies, Pokemon, farm animals, Disney characters, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and so much more. There is a stuffy for everyone, no matter how old or young, or big or small. 

The Stuffers

Once you pick out your new friend, you go to the stuffer, and one of the friendly stuffers will stuff your animal. You choose a special heart and make a wish and put it inside your stuffy, then they sew it up. To complete the look, you can groom your animal and choose any accessories or outfits you want. You can also pick out any sounds or scents you wish to make your new friend as special and unique as you are. 


A super fun way to make your birthday extra special is to have it at Build-a-Bear Strongsville. Whether it’s a birthday party or any occasion really, Build-a-Bear offers plenty of fun for kids of all ages. Build-a-Bear Strongsville takes care of everything for an indoor party and is a one-stop shop. Everyone gets to make and take home a new furry friend, play fun party games, and wear adorable bear-ear party hats! A party at Build-a-Bear offers parties starting as low as $14, so it can be reasonable for everyone’s budget. Sometimes the Build-a-Bear mascot will make a special appearance himself to make the party extra amazing! 

one year old boy smashing cake for first birthday Build a Bear Strongsville Will Keep a Smile On Your Childs Face

Build-a-Bear Strongsville

The Build-a-Bear in Strongsville is located at 320 Southpark Center, Strongsville, Ohio, and is open Monday through Sunday. From the moment you walk in, instant, non-stop smiles will come. Not only for your little ones but for adults as well. Whether it is a special occasion, a special treat, or just a day out with mom and dad, Build-a-Bear Strongsville is such a fun place to go. You will literally build memories that will last a lifetime. Nothing is more special than a furry new friend; your little one can cherish their new animal for years to come. Give them a call to schedule a party, but you do not need to schedule an appointment to make an animal. You just show up, pick out what you want, and begin creating! 

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