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Finding the suitable facility and primary OBGYN care provider that gets you and gives you the most compassionate and complete care is essential for every woman! United Hospitals offers all that and more, with their OBGYN section and a team of doctors dedicated to all women’s bodily needs. The UH Cleveland Medical Center provides personalized women’s healthcare, going above and beyond for patient needs. Here’s a little about them and featured healthcare provider, Amy Coleman, a certified nurse midwife! 

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About UH Cleveland Medical Center

University Hospitals is a renowned academic medical center and community of hospital networks. Developed more than 155 years ago, they’ve expanded across Ohio. They encompass a network of 21 hospitals, over 50 health centers/outpatient facilities, and over 200 physician offices. University Hospital believes that a relationship with a trusted women’s health specialist is the best way to protect clients’ health for a lifetime. 

University Hospital’s Cleveland Medical Center itself was founded in 1866 and is amongst the nation’s leading academic medical centers. Their specialists promise to provide the best care by fully understanding you as a person, caring about you as a woman, and helping you set a healthcare routine designed to promote health, prevent disease, and find potential health issues before they become big problems. 

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University Hospital’s Cleveland Medical Center offers regular preventative care and a team of OBGYN and women’s health providers with expertise in specialty areas. These specialty areas can include minimally invasive gynecological surgery, women’s pelvic health, high-risk pregnancies, fertility care, and breast health. This range of experience and expertise allows their healthcare providers to provide comprehensive and individualized care for a variety of women’s health issues. 

University Hospital’s Cleveland Medical Center also offers general gynecology services, such as family planning, annual exams, and treatment of various conditions. They also provide women’s reproductive behavioral health, breast health care, gynecologic cancer care, and regular pregnancy and childbirth care.

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University Hospital’s Cleveland Medical Center has a fantastic team of doctors! With over 40 available healthcare providers in the Cleveland area, Amy Coleman, CNM, really takes care to the next level! Coleman achieved her CNM status in 2012, specializing in general OBGYN and gynecology care. She makes clients feel a sense of dedication and trustful personalization. Being a Certified Nurse Midwife, she can give a variety of care options.

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Amy Coleman can provide the following: 

  • OB-GYN consultations, 
  • abdominal pain care, 
  • abnormal obstetrical screening, 
  • absence of menstruation/amenorrhea, 
  • care for advanced maternal age, 
  • annual Pap smears/GYN exams, 
  • anovulation, 
  • antepartum care, 
  • care for Bartholin’s Cyst, 
  • birth control/contraception consultations, 
  • bladder pain/interstitial cystitis, 
  • bleeding during intercourse, 
  • blood work, 
  • breast pain treatment, and 
  • breast examinations. 

Amy Coleman also offers telemedicine with UH Cleveland Medical Center, so you don’t have to be in the office to receive excellent care! 

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UH Cleveland Medical Center

Suppose you want the best care personalized to your needs. In that case, United Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center is sure to be the best fit. The UH Cleveland Medical Center features Amy Coleman, who is a great contender for any OBGYN care you may need! 

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