LEGO Store Beachwood Offers Exciting Hands-On Play & Products

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Are you looking for somewhere to take the kids on a day out? This store offers the solution to those rainy or cold, snowy days. LEGO stores provide both an educational and fun experience with lots of hands-on activities and even rides! The LEGO store in Beachwood delivers a fun, safe environment for children to learn and grow through play. Your kids will love all that LEGO products have to offer!

About LEGO Store Beachwood 

‘LEGO,’ an abbreviation of a Danish phrase, serves as the iconic brand’s name because of its meaning, “play well,” which is very fitting for the brand and its idea. Ole Kirk Kristiansen founded LEGO itself in 1932. Based on the iconic LEGO brick, the company serves as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials. The company’s stores allow LEGO fans, children, and families to have better access to the brand and all the fun and creativity it offers. 

While building brand awareness and emotional connections, the retail stores doubling as play areas and interactive sites allow direct engagement with the company and customers. This setup encourages excellent shopping experiences! Located at 26300 Cedar Road in Beachwood, this particular store opened in 2011. The store features many exclusive LEGO building sets, innovative displays, in-store family events, and customer-friendly play areas to deliver an engaging, entertaining, and fun experience for families, especially kids! 


Open Monday through Saturday, 11 AM to 8 PM, and Sundays, 12 PM to 6 PM, this store carries various products. It has some excellent features for its visitors. With its Pick & Build Wall and Build a Minifigure, visitors can bag their own Legos from the colored bowls that line the white “Pick a Brick” wall and build their own mix-and-match figures. 

The demonstration table is also featured here, an area where store associates unboxed and displayed new products to demonstrate the different features that LEGO toys offer. Another perk to this store is that gift cards are accepted, and they also accept returns!


This LEGO store also enables a VIP rewards program where members can get exclusive deals and rates, saving tons of money throughout the year. VIPs also get early access to special events or sales and are offered seasonal gifts that they can redeem in-store! 

Encouraging more learning and hands-on engagement at home, this store offers access to LEGO education SPIKE sets. The company encourages parents and teachers to use these sets at home or in the classroom. The most popular products of this line include the Prime set, Essential set, Prime expansion set, and BriQ Motion Essential. 

LEGO Store Beachwood

LEGO is an excellent brand, even more so since they offer so much in their retail stores. They’re not just a store for this specific brand; they’re also a place for learning and hands-on fun! Whether you want to gander at the new building sets or want to host a party or fun day out with the kids, the LEGO store in Beachwood is not one to disappoint! 

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