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Finding an OBGYN to entrust with your care and needs can be difficult, especially when you want to find one you really “click” with! Luckily, OBGYN Associates of Akron has many great care providers and are an excellent practice. These details make it a fantastic option with a full range of treatments for any OBGYN needs.

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About OBGYN Associates of Akron

OBGYN Associates of Akron serves as Akron’s leading all-female gynecology and obstetrical practice. Having been in practice for 50 years, this all-female group of OBGYN physicians takes pride in providing excellent and compassionate care for women that is patient-centered! OBGYN Associates of Akron features eight care providers.

Furthermore, OBGYN Associates of Akron has four hospital affiliations: Akron General Hospital, Akron City Hospital, Summa Health System, and Akron Children’s Hospital. 

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OBGYN Associates of Akron offers a full range of gynecological and obstetrical services. 

Firstly, Gynecological Care includes:

  • routine and yearly examinations, 
  • adolescent gynecology and counseling, 
  • pap smears, 
  • cervical cancer screening, 
  • breast cancer screening, 
  • ovarian cancer screening, 
  • osteoporosis screening, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, 
  • premenstrual syndrome management, 
  • STD screening, endometriosis treatment, 
  • contraception counseling and procedures, 
  • urogynecology, 
  • pelvic reconstructive surgery, 
  • urinary incontinence services, 
  • urodynamics, 
  • infertility evaluation, testing, and treatment,
  • menopause management

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Secondly, Gynecology Procedures include:

  • hysterectomies, 
  • myomectomies, 
  • colposcopies, 
  • D&C’s, 
  • uterine endometrial ablation,
  •  ultrasounds

Thirdly, Gynecological Prevention and Wellness Services include: 

  • bone density testing, 
  • diagnostic ultrasounds, 
  • immunizations,
  •  fitness, dietary, and nutrition counseling

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Fourthly, Obstetrical Care includes:

  • family planning and pre-pregnancy visits, 
  • reproductive medicine such as fertility testing and treatment and IVF, 
  • preconception counseling, 
  • birthing options, 
  • prenatal care and testing, 
  • perinatal care and support such as fetal monitoring, preterm birth, and low birth weight, 
  • obstetrical anesthesia, 
  • high-risk pregnancies, including blood disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, 
  • labor, delivery care, and postpartum care, such as postpartum depression and postpartum hemorrhage

OBGYN Associates of Akron has it all covered and didn’t leave anything out!

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OBGYN Associates of Akron also provides da Vinci surgery as a special service. This robotic surgery allows the surgeon to be more precise, resulting in fewer complications. Da Vinci surgery can be used during benign hysterectomies, gynecologic cancer hysterectomies, endometriosis, resections, myomectomies, and pelvic prolapse surgery. Da Vinci surgical systems are composed of three components: surgeon consoles, patient side carts, and vision carts. 

Your surgeon sits at the surgeon console during the procedure and has a crystal clear 3-D HD view of your anatomy while being able to control the instruments. The instruments move like a human hand but with a far greater range of motion. The patient side cart sits near the patient on the operating table. The instruments used throughout the procedure move in real-time in response to the surgeon’s hand movements at the surgeon console. 

Communication between the components of the system becomes possible with the vision cart. It provides a screen for the care team to view the operation. The da Vinci surgical system is truly one of a kind. Moreover, it enables surgeons to provide more accurate marks and faster surgery results.

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OBGYN Associates of Akron

OBGYN Associates of Akron doesn’t leave anything out regarding services provided and patient care. Suppose you’re looking for a truly excellent practice that puts unlimited effort and time into ensuring their patients’ comfort and receiving the best care. In that case, this practice is the one for you!

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