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Going to the spa is a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and take a break from the pressures of everyday life. Clients can take their wellness to new heights at Massage Heights in Strongsville, Ohio, where they can receive a variety of treatments to help nourish and nurture their body, mind, and spirit. 

About Massage Heights in Strongsville

18240 Royalton Road

Strongsville, OH 44136

Massage Heights in Strongsville is a relaxing, tranquil place where clients can receive massage therapy and facial services. This spa helps people focus on their health and wellness journey while nourishing the body and mind. At this lovely retreat, clients can also become members to incorporate massage therapy into their lives on a regular basis. 

Massage Heights seeks to elevate the lives of its clients by providing comprehensive services that treat the body, mind, and spirit. This company is committed to the well-being of everybody who visits, maintaining relationships with guests, members, team members, and the rest of the Massage Heights family. Massage Heights also infuses love and positive energy into all services. 


Firstly, Massage Heights specializes in a variety of massage services, including:

  • couples massage,
  • Swedish massage,
  • target treatments,
  • prenatal massage,
  • sports massage, and
  • deep tissue massage.

Secondly, a number of facial treatments are available for issues such as breakouts, aging, and sensitivities. 

Guests can sign up for a membership, which allows them to make massage therapy a part of their regular schedule. The Massage Heights team encourages clients to discover how amazing clients can look and feel when they regularly care for their bodies through relaxation and wellness programs. Additionally, benefits of membership include complimentary aromatherapy, customizable services, loyalty-based rewards, and flexible scheduling. 


Clients can heighten their experience through the spa’s “elevations,” which include:

  • hypoallergenic Pura Wellness Massage Lotions,
  • Dermalogica products, and
  • specialized aromatherapy with carefully formulated essential oils that help clients breathe, relax, and feel energized.

This environment is peaceful and comfortable, featuring overhead music customizable to suit each client’s preferences. 

Massage elevations include hot stone therapy, reviving foot scrubs, revitalizing face massage, and dynamic cupping therapy. Hot stone therapy and foot scrubs relieve tension, rid the body of toxins, and revive tired muscles. Facial massage can help reduce eye inflammation, headaches, and sinus pain while revitalizing the senses. Cutting therapy uses silicone cups to help aid in circulation and easier muscle movement by promoting deep relaxation throughout the entire body. 

Massage Heights Strongsville

From the moment clients walk through the doors of Massage Heights in Strongsville, they will experience how beneficial massage and facial services can elevate everyday life. By relaxing on ergonomically-designed massage tables, resting on high-quality linens, and taking in this upscale, relaxing environment with soft lighting and soothing music, clients can experience the fantastic benefits this Ohio retreat offers.

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